Merseyside laundry plant set to revolutionise working practices in the UK

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01 Nov 2012

Merseyside laundry plant set to revolutionise working practices in the UK


A new £1.8 million production unit has opened at our Rainhill, Merseyside work wear laundry plant which is set to revolutionise working practices at the plant and is a first for the UK. The Mayor of Knowsley, Councillor Hogg performed the opening ceremony at Rainhill on Tuesday 13th November 2012.

Gone are the days of traditional worker – supervisor roles and operating the same machine all day long. The new Rainhill CL2000 Production Unit is all about team working and a multi-skilled workforce. This revolutionary working practice puts the individual employee and team working at the centre of operations. Rainhill will be used as a training academy for the new production concept which will be rolled out across Berendsen's other UK work wear plants.
The Rainhill site was identified by Berendsen as ripe for investment and development. It is the first plant in the UK to introduce the new CL2000 working methods which have been successfully used by our other plants on the continent. Teams share duties, organise themselves and are responsible for their own production units.
CL2000 will deliver greatly improved service and quality resulting from the ownership the production teams have over the customers. The staff also benefit from an improved working environment which is more efficient and greater job satisfaction for staff, according to Julie Hannon, a laundry operative at Rainhill.
She says: "At first I did not believe this new idea or concept would work but a couple of months down the line I feel very much closer to the customer and their individual needs and requirements. On a personal note I love the change, being multi-skilled and also part of a small team. This has given me a new focus on the work I do and I can truly say I enjoy coming to work"
In striving to continually improve their environmental impact, benefits include metered water to minimise usage, energy efficient lights and a heat recovery system. There are also exciting opportunities for the future both for current staff and possible expansion at a later date.
Yvonne Jones, Senior Customer Account Manager, is a longstanding member of the Rainhill Team and is very excited about the new CL2000 Production Unit. She says:
"Just a few years ago it was hard to imagine that Rainhill would be considered for, let alone receive a £1.8 million investment. Having been part of the team at Rainhill for over 25 years, I look around today and see how fantastic the plant looks, the new concept being embraced and the opportunities for the future."

Peter Ventress CEO:
"The CL2000 work practice system enables us to achieve excellent growth in the market and to be highly competitive whilst delivering unsurpassed levels of customer service through the empowerment of our staff through the CL2000 system. This vision is reality today at Rainhill"
Mayor and Mayoress Hogg unveiled the commemorative plaque and were presented with a silver salver as a memento of the day.
Mayor Hogg said:
"The developments here at Sunlight's Rainhill plant are absolutely fantastic. Innovation in business is obviously critical for success and we welcome the investment that Sunlight has made here"
John Norris Rainhill Plant General Manager
"I have been in the laundry business since 1977 and this is the biggest innovation I seen in the industry. I am very proud that the Rainhill plant and the staff here have been chosen to take this innovation forward"

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