Air freshening

Our air fresheners are fully automatic, with a range of fragrances designed to make the washroom environment pleasant at all times.

We also offer an odour neutraliser, which creates a fresh, outdoor feel to the air.  We can supply air freshener products that are perfect for washrooms but versatile enough to use in receptions and meeting rooms.


With its compact, contemporary design, Airscent is an ideal air freshening system for all washrooms and communal areas. Dispenser aerosols dose every 20 minutes for continued fragrances and odour neutralising . The Airscent is ABS plastic construction  which helps make Airscent vandal resistant.
Choice of fragrances with  OdourazeTM  which features active ingredients that interact with malodorous molecules to destroy bad smells, not just mask them. It works in tandem with the fragrances so that Airscent works twice as hard to keep your premises smelling fresh.


The Sensaire is an automatic, battery-operated non-aerosol air freshening unit which uses essential oil-based fragrances. Suitable for people who have allergic reactions to aerosols .

Odour Neutralising Ultrazone

Ultrazone freshens the air by neturalising odours rather than masking them.  Using Ozone, Ultrazone works to neutralise malodour and pollen, creating an 'outdoor fresh' atmosphere.
The Ultrazone conforms to standards;
BSEN 60335-1
BSEN 60335-2