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Whether your staff require garments to shield them from nothing more than a splash of paint or spilled motor oil, to open flame, welding sparks or corrosives, we have a collection of garments that guarantee safety and comfort.  

Your valuable workers are an important asset to your company; they should not be hindered in their work by uncomfortable garments and must be able to rely on the garments to protect them when necessary.

Our automotive garment ranges come with features such as concealed plastic buttons that prevent scratches and convenient pockets for small tools. We can supply the appropriate garments for the automotive brands which you deal with, including the correct badges, embroidery or any other decoration as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

With our wealth of experience working with local and national garages, we can advise on the suitability of garments, as well as keeping you up to date with legislation relating to garments within the workplace.

Depending on risks, budget, image and work environment, we have a selection of garments which offer solutions that are fit for the job. We care and maintain the garments in a professional way, meaning contamination like oil and grease is removed in the correct way, on top of that repairs are executed where necessary.