Welcome to the Berendsen Care Homes Packages

For specific areas of your care home we offer a range of Packages. These Packages contain additional items that can be added to your contract as per the requirements of your care home.

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Home Items Package

The Home Items Package is a service Package where we will collect, launder and return your care home and your residents' items.

home itemsThe Package consists of...

  • Laundering your residents' clothing
  • Launder of other items in your home

clothing protection

Clothing Protection Package

The Clothing Protection Package contains a range of dignified aprons that are not only an aid to effective eating, but also help to boost a resident's self-esteem.

clothing protectionThe Package consists of...

  • Dignified adult aprons
  • Napkin style adult aprons


Incontinence Package

We offer a range of comfortable, discreet, protective items to help maintain dignity and protect furniture from soiling.

incontinence packageThe Package consists of...

  • Bed pads
  • Floor pads
  • Chair pads

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Kitchen Package

Let Berendsen take away the hassle of ensuring clean and quality kitchen cloths are always available.

kitchen towelsThe Package consists of...

  • Kitchen cloths
  • Glass cloths
  • Oven cloths
  • Waiters' cloths
  • Tea towels

infection control

Infection Control Package

To assist in the fight against infection we have a range of wipe clean bedding which can be disinfected without causing harm to the product. We can also provide and launder mop heads within the same rigorous procedures as our standard products, ensuring the optimum hygiene when your care homes are cleaned.

infection control packageThe Package consists of...

  • Wipe clean pillows
  • Wipe clean duvets
  • Mops

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Bags Package

We offer a range of plastic and linen laundry bags, as well as water soluble for placing contaminated linen and clothing into.

bags packageThe Package consists of...

  • Plastic bags
  • Water soluble bags
  • Laundry bags

Find out more about our Choice Collections, Packages and Services for Care Homes. The Choice range is available dependent on location.