Cleanroom garments

Berendsen Cleanroom can provide a variety of garment options alongside delivery to your business by our own staff.

Our cleanroom garments incorporate the most advanced fabrics and manufacturing techniques to maximise the protection offered to both your staff and your products and environments. All are produced to the highest international standards.

We carry a core range of standard cleanroom items designed to meet the needs of the majority of our customers. This range includes:

  • Coveralls
  • Hood
  • Overboots
  • Overshoes
  • Coats
  • Trousers
  • Undertunics & Trousers
  • Cleaning Systems

By letting Berendsen handle everything about purchase, stock, laundering, replacement, maintenance and delivery, you can concentrate on what you do best - your core business. 
We also offer a Validated Sterile Garment Service.
We have various garments and levels of service we can offer to fit your needs. If you have any questions speak to one of our knowledgeable sales team about your cleanroom needs.

A selection of our garment range

Berendsen cleanroom garments can be used in numerous situations – all ISO classes of cleanroom production, Electrostatic Discharge Protective Areas (EPA), areas with special protection requirements, such as handling of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in biosafety areas, danger of fire and explosions, chemical and fine powder hazard, cytotoxic production, operating theatre areas, clinics and laboratories, etc. Moreover, we offer a selection of cleanroom undergarments for extra protection under the coverall. 
We have developed a special Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) solution for producers and researchers dealing with hazardous liquids or powders, active pharmaceutical ingredients, cytotoxic materials, etc.
BeMicron Gowning in 30 seconds
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BeMicron Gowning in 30 seconds