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High visibility

Poor light and adverse weather conditions are factors we can not control. These conditions can result in your workers not being seen in time.

However, you want your staff to be visible no matter what. They should be recognised and identified when doing their job, particularly at locations where your staff are at risk from moving machinery and vehicles.

You cannot influence the attention and driving behavior of the on-premises or public road traffic. They might be focusing on other things or attention may be drawn to something else endangering your workers.

You can make a difference with High-visibility clothing!

High visibility clothing signals that there is a person close by, allowing time to change driving behavior, by slowing down or stopping and paying attention to your workers.

Investing in high-visibility garments alone is not sufficient. Pollution of the fluorescent colour of the garments and wear and tear of the reflective bands results in degradation of visibility and will compromise safety of your workers. Our professional care and maintenance of these garments will assure you that garments are still compliant to the EN ISO 20471.  This is a big reassurance that your workers will be safe and remain visible when performing their working tasks.