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Welcome to the Berendsen Choice Packages for Healthcare

For items that are specific to your hospital we offer a range of Packages. These Packages contain additional items that can be added to your contract as per the requirements of your hospital.

patient wear

Patient Wear Package

The Patient Wear Package contains our full range of patient gowns and nightwear, these have all been designed to ensure maximum patient dignity and comfort.

patient wearThe Package consists of...

  • Patient gowns
  • Bariatric gowns
  • Child gowns
  • Baby gowns
  • Operating gowns
  • Pyjamas
  • Night dress

patient handling

Patient Handling Package

Our range of items for patient handling have been selected to help with the moving of patients with ease and comfort.

home itemsThe Package consists of...

  • Canvases - single use and reusable
  • Slide sheets - single use and resuable


Uniforms Package

The Uniforms Package contains standard and top of the range Cherokee Scrubs in a wide range of colours and sizes. We also offer a comfortable Warm Up Top, ideal for staff to add as an extra layer when working in cool environments.

uniformsThe Package consists of...

  • Scrub tops
  • Scrub pants
  • Cherokee scrub tops
  • Cherokee scrub pants
  • Warm up tops


Incontinence Package

We offer a range of comfortable, discreet, protective items to help maintain dignity and protect furniture from soiling.

incontinence packageThe Package consists of...

  • Bed pads

hotel spa

Kitchen Package

Let Berendsen take away the hassle of ensuring clean and quality kitchen cloths are always available.

kitchen towelsThe Package consists of...

  • Kitchen cloths
  • Glass cloths
  • Oven cloths
  • Tea towels

hotel spa

Bags Package

We offer a range of plastic and linen laundry bags, as well as water soluble.

bags packageThe Package consists of...

  • Plastic laundry bags
  • Water soluble bags

infection control

Infection Control Package

To assist in the fight against infection we have a range of wipe clean bedding which can be disinfected without causing harm to the product. We can also launder mop heads within the same rigorous procedures as our standard products, ensuring the optimum hygiene when your hospitals are cleaned.


Single use curtains are made from non-woven polypropylene and coated with an antimicrobial coating to protect against contamination. We are also happy to discuss your curtain change requirements and how these can be facilitated.

infection control packageThe Package consists of...

  • Wipe clean pillow
  • Wipe clean duvet
  • Microfibre mops
  • Single use curtains
  • Single use blinds

Find out more about our Choice Collections, Packages and Services for Healthcare. The Choice range is available dependent on location.

Choice Collections for Healthcare

Choice Collections for Healthcare

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Choice Services for Healthcare

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Hospital linen hire

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