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Berendsen Connect is a unique communication and control system which allows our customers to manage all their textile needs themselves - online.
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Welcome to the Berendsen Hotels Collections

We have categorised our range of bedroom, bathroom and dining products into 3 Collections. These Collections have been structured to allow you to see all of the options available and make a clear choice from our product ranges.

hotels classic collection

The Classic Collection

The Classic Collection is a range of everyday bathroom, bedroom and dining linen and towelling. A durable range of items specifically designed where frequent laundering is required to fulfil the demands of busy establishments. This Collection offers a choice of linen items which will provide your guests with a comfortable stay.

The Classic Collection consists of...

hotel premium collection

The Premium Collection

The Premium Collection is a range of timeless bathroom and bedroom linen and towelling. A selection of quality items providing the freshly laundered, clean and soft experience for all busy establishments. With the Berendsen Premium Collection you can offer your guests a little more luxury, transforming their experience to an exceptional one.

The Premium Collection consists of...

Hotel customer testimonials

Hotel customer testimonials

We decided to try the services of one of Berendsen's competitors but it didn't work out. After 3 months with them, we moved back to Berendsen and it has completely changed my life at work for the better!

hotels superior collection

The Superior Collection

The Superior Collection is a range of luxury bathroom, bedroom and dining linen and towelling. A deluxe range of items specifically designed not only to cope with the demands of frequent laundering but also to ensure that any establishment portrays an image of style and quality.

The Superior Collection consists of...

bespoke hotels collection

Bespoke Linen

For larger hotels looking for something unique and distinctive we are able to offer bespoke ranges of linen. Whether this is to create a completely unique look or simply for an exceptional linen range, we will be able to help. Simply let us know your requirements.


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