Water management and sanitisers

Our water management and Sanitisers provide maximum water efficiency and freshness within the washroom.

Flush-wiser® WC Flush Control

An innovation water saving device, Flush-wiser is attached to the siphon in the cistern, where it reduces the amount of water used to flush by up to 3 litres. Flush-wiser can be adjusted to suit each cistern, taking into account cistern size and performance in order to make optimum savings, without compromising on hygiene. 

Flush-wiser® Urinal Flush Control

This intelligent water management system uses an Infra-red sensor to detect movement. If over 7 users the unit will flush every 10 minutes, between 1 and 7 users, the unit will flush every 30 minutes, and if no users are detected the unit will flush every 8 hours. This ensures that hygiene is not compromised but maximum water savings are made. 
Flow-saver can be used in conjunction in with Eco-shield, a urinal sleeve, for maximum water efficiency and freshness within the washroom


Eco-shield comes with a waste outlet that is a one-off fitting and connects to the urinal trap, allowing the universal eco-shield to be installed in all standard urinals. 
Eco-shield protects against urinal smells and blockages by breaking down the build-up of uric salt and limescale using natural enzymes and ‘friendly' bacteria. Eco-shield enhances the appearance of and significantly improves the male washroom for staff, visitors and customers . Used in conjunction with  the Urinal Flow-saver Water Management System, Eco-shield can help to save up to 96% of water used to flush urinals when compared to an uncontrolled cistern.

Watersure Sanitiser 

Watersure Sanitiser is a cistern sanitising system that deodorises and destroys bacteria in urinalsand toilets, helping to keep your washroom clean, hygienic and smelling fresh and reduces and prevents unsightly scale and stains from forming in the bowl. Watersure Sanitiser automatically injects a dose of fluid into the cistern, which helps inhibit the build-up of scale in the pipework and limits the growth of bacteria, the main cause of underlying malodour. Controlling the scale growth also saves you money by reducing the required frequency of deep cleaning.

Toilet Seat Sanitisers

The toilet seat Sanitiser is an ABS plastic construction, incorporating SteriTouch® antibacterial surface protection for users. The Sanitiser reduces the risk of cross contamination from bacteria that live and breed on toilet seats. The solution is a water thin liquid with a floral fragrance with Quick drying, which means the seat can be used immediately.
This can also be used on WC flush handle and door handles, giving the user extra reassurance.