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The environmentally friendly way of dealing with spillages and other cleaning tasks in industrial areas.

Both machinery and finished products need to be kept clean in the workplace and the most common way is to use disposable wipes. The downside of this is a lot of waste is produced and they don't always get the machinery or products as clean as they should be. 
Our wiper service ensures that you always have the right amount of clean cloths for when dealing with spillages or cleaning tasks within your workplace. As part of our wiper service, the dirty cloths will get collected and you will be provided with clean cloths ready to use. Our wipers are then sent to our laundries where we will wash them to remove any dirt, oils, grease or any other chemical residues. 
Our wipers are capable of holding 10 times their own weight in water, while the open weave assists in trapping dirt.
We offer an effective rental service, saving you time, energy and storage, resulting in a considerable saving.
The benefits;
 • Your waste costs are reduced by 100%

 • The wipers materials are of a consistently high quality

 • Your costs are completely predictable and transparent
 • You have more time on your core business