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Professional care workers deserve the best support from their partners to give the best possible care to their residents, so that they feel at home away from home.

We have developed specialised and innovative solutions for care homes and can provide complete outsourcing of your residents’ bed linen, towels or personal laundry and a lot more, so that you can spend more time caring for your residents.

Why outsource your laundry?


Can your operation still function without clean textiles? We have many processing sites across the UK, so in the event that one of them experiences difficulties, detailed plans are in place so that others will back them up.

Saves space

Outsourcing allows you to utilise the current laundry space as extra storage, or even convert into a social space or resident rooms. With Berendsen's outsourced service, you just need enough space to hold textiles before and after delivery.

Less hassle

Never worry about dedicated laundry staff again or your laundry complying with infection control. An outsourced solution takes care of this for you, so you can focus on resident care.

Potential savings

You don't have to buy the textiles or replace them as they wear out, and you don't have to finance machinery. There's also the potential cost saving for dedicated laundry staff. Combined with the potential revenue from re-purposing an existing on site laundry, the potential savings start to add up.

Saving you time

Delivering efficiencies


Quality linens, quality care.

In order to provide the best quality care, Berendsen offers a superior range of linens that offer maximum comfort for your residents, while ensuring longevity.

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Care home resident

It’s more than just laundry. It’s your residents’ belongings

Whether it’s bed linen, towels or items of personal clothing, we know that it’s important to your residents to feel that their textiles are getting personal care and attention. And because of our advanced track and trace systems, we can make sure every item savely finds its way back to its owner.

Clothing for residents

As a resident, the need for security, convenience and comfort is of the utmost importance, and we have crafted our clothing to support the wearer while on the road to recovery.

Care home resident in chair 2

It couldn’t be simpler…

• Ready for use
• Collection
• Specialised washing and handling
• Delivery

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