Berendsen wins Best Sustainability Policy at the Laundry & Cleaning News Awards

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26 Oct 2016

Berendsen wins Best Sustainability Policy at the Laundry & Cleaning News Awards

LCN Award winners at ceremony

We are pleased to announce Berendsen has won Best Sustainability Policy at the Laundry and Cleaning News Awards.

"We have worked hard across all our business lines to develop and improve our sustainability. We're extremely proud that our efforts have been recognised, and to be judged first amongst our peers is a testament to the teamwork put in by Berendsen employees."

Peter Woolstenholmes, Energy Manager, Berendsen UK

Every element of our business at Berendsen UK is underpinned by a deep rooted and unwavering respect for our planet and the environment. From aspiring to achieve the "best in class" figures for energy efficiency to continual fuel usage monitoring, we go to great lengths to ensure sustainability and environmental responsibility are an integral part of the decisions we make and actions we take on a daily basis.

The very nature of our business means we rely heavily on water and energy to deliver our leading textile and laundry services, and this makes it important for us to implement effective pro-sustainability changes. We determined our company-wide energy and water usage in 2008, and from this we established a benchmark and set a target to reduce our usage by 25 percent by 2020. We are now beating that figure.

The initiation of environmentally friendly practices across our operations has already seen us cut our water usage by 37 percent  – equating to more than one billion litres of water per year. These figures have been validated and recognised by the Carbon Trust and, as a result, we were one of the first four companies in our industry to be awarded the Carbon Trust Standard for Water, the world's leading independent certification for action taken on environmental impact.

We will continue to set targets for carbon reduction every year and will always review our processes to identify methods that will allow us to reduce our energy and water consumption without compromising the delivery of our high quality services. We will also keep scrutinising each machine and boiler at every processing facility during every shift to monitor usage and identify ways to ensure maximum efficiency. Ultimately, with this ongoing programme we will be able to continue to protect the environment we live in, and lead the way in sustainable and successful textile and laundry business practices.

You can learn more about our environmental credentials here.

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