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Chefs wear

We understand how important it is that your chefs and catering staff look professional and clean while they are at work. 

Kitchens are hot places, our garment range helps insulate your kitchen staff from the searing heat of stoves and ovens while still remaining breathable, this enables body heat to escape. The thick cotton not only helps absorb perspiration while working but helps protect them from splattering from boiling liquids whilst in the kitchen.

Long sleeved jackets will protect your chefs from burns while reaching across stove burners or into ovens. Our double-breasted style jackets are designed with double rows of buttons, so if the front of the jacket gets stained, a cook can reverse the flaps and reveal a fresh, clean outer layer.

We offer a range of chefs, waiters and catering garments to support the professional image of your establishment, all of which are specially selected for comfort and the professional appearance of your staff. Most importantly your staff will feel comfortable while working in a hot and steamy environment. We also offer a range of kitchen porter garments, hats, neckerchiefs and aprons.

We wash our garments at very high temperatures, which means that all your garments are clinically clean. Our aprons and kitchen cloths are anti bacterial which means that bugs and bacteria can be controlled in your kitchen.