Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility is placed firmly at the centre of our strategy. The business case for sustainability is strong and it enables us to identify and seize opportunities whilst at the same time managing risk.

As a company of the highest standards, Berendsen implements a range of policies designed to achieve the following objectives
• Operate a quality system to ensure the service we provide is of the highest order
• Protecting the environment within which we live in
• Maintain a safe and hygienic working environment for all our employees
The Environment 
Berendsen is committed to protecting the environment both by its own actions and by monitoring those of suppliers whilst continuing to deliver high standards of cleanliness and service to all of our customers. We take great care to ensure that all our processes take into account the impact they will have on the environment and do whatever possible to conserve resources.
As a further commitment, Berendsen follows "Good Practice Guidelines" laid down by  "The Textile Services Association". These include minimising chemical use, recovery of water for re-use, using fuel and emission efficient vehicles and disposing of chemicals in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.
The major achievements we have made since 2006 have been recognised by The Carbon Trust. We were one of the first UK companies to have achieved the Carbon Trust Standard and Carbon Trust water Standard Certificate. We have invested more than £4 million in energy saving measures in recent years.
This, plus other projects, have reduced our carbon footprint by 5.8 per cent and cut our water usage by 60.4 per cent. That's 1.6 million cubic meters saved every year – the equivalent of 640 Olympic size swimming pools. Our annual carbon saving is 32,645 tonnes.  We have invested over £2m in reducing water usage since 2007, using innovative new wash processes and acquiring new equipment. Our ongoing programme will ensure that we continue to reduce our water usage in the future.
This all this makes excellent business sense too, but above all we continue to do all we can to minimise the impact our business has on the wider environment.
Quality Policy
All of our UK workwear laundries have achieved accreditation to BS EN ISO 9001:2008, providing truly national coverage of quality assured operations.
The rigorous controls and audits that are carried out by our full time Quality Managers ensure full compliance by all our UK locations. Non-conformances are dealt with promptly and corrective action is documented.
As a major supplier to the NHS and the private healthcare sector for over 30 years, we recognise that the highest possible standards of infection control are absolutely essential.
All our healthcare sites are certified to or working towards the EN14065 standard on bio-contamination control and we are now working with our customers to help them to implement the new CFPP01-04 guidelines on the decontamination of linen for health and social care.
Health & Safety Policy
Berendsen recognises and accepts its responsibilities as an employer for providing a safe and healthy work place and working environment for all of its employees and will take all possible steps within its power to meet this responsibility. The comprehensive policy includes all aspects of risk assessment, control of substances hazardous to health (C.O.S.H.H.) and is implemented throughout all of Berendsen's locations in the UK.