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Technical Workwear

To be able to perform tasks in hazardous work environments, you have to be able to rely on the protection levels of your workwear for everyday hazardous tasks. Like all protective equipment, protective workwear should keep people safe, comfortable and alert.

Your valuable workers are an important asset to your company in creating your finished products. Focusing on their work is a prerequisite and leads to high quality output and efficiency.

Not all hazardous situations are noticed and can cause severe harm to your employees and your business. Ensuring your staff are protected to avoid serious injuries and still have a protective garment that is comfortable enough to allow you to work the whole day is a key combination. This can only be achieved by choosing the correct garments and maintaining this protection level by special re-treatment every time the garments are offered for laundering and repair.  It must be a reassuring thought that your workers wear garments that are not only safe when brand new but also when used.

Our technical range includes flame retardant, chemical splash, molten metal, anti-static, electric arc flash, welding, paintshop and dust protection garments. All of which comply with the relevant safety legislations for your industry.